Lukas Mayr

Visual artist & expert for water optimization


From excitement to vocation

Ever since his childhood, South Tyrolean artist Lukas Mayr was magically drawn to rounded and oval shapes.

After several years of professional experience as a heating and plumbing technician, he followed his fascination and passion, which in 2017 – at the age of 23 – led him to make the decision to become a visual artist.

After specialized training and further education as well as being actively involved in various artists’ associations, including Unika Gröden, Lukas finally founded his brainchild “Alumaa – better living, experiencing water” in 2021.


Spherical art & water

Lukas Mayr uses his expertise to combine spherical art with modern water filters. This is why water filters are integrated into the heart of the sculptures – the source of life literally springs from them as refreshing, pure and clear drinking water.

One of the artist’s main goals is to encourage people to reflect through his sculptures, to convey hope and to send positive energy to their surroundings – they should be able to unfold their full potential.