Life source project

The work is inspired by the shape of a water molecule. The spheres are arranged geometrically according to the principle of golden ratio. In its infinity, this mathematical model connects all existing elements with the dynamics of the universe and makes us part of a perfectly balanced system.
Water molecules are also present in all living things, making it possible to imagine a single ideal organism in which each part is connected to the others. In this way, the viewer can also interact with the sculpture by drinking the water that flows from it. This water is filtered, absolutely pure and, with the help of a special device inside the work, energetically charged.

This adds to the high value of the work, which is further enhanced by the gold coating and seems to be at odds with the gigantism of this 37-ton monolith (height 340 cm, width 248 cm, length 350 cm). It is reminiscent of a meteorite that has crashed to earth to give rise to new life.